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Focus on what matters.

Bonfire turns your buyers into a powerful and efficient modern sourcing team by supercharging collaboration
and strategic decision-making.

  • Richer supplier data
  • Instant team involvement
  • Deeper optimization
  • Focus on strategic goals
  • 360° balanced evaluations
  • Built-in coaching & improvement
Seeing is believing:
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Get projects off the ground quickly

Jump start your sourcing projects with full control of timing, criteria, internal participants, and more.

  • Request intake & requirement gathering [New]

    Eliminate the friction involved in receiving requests and gathering requirements / specs from your client groups.

  • Perfectly map your decision-making process

    Industry-best control of participants (suppliers and internal participants), required materials, evaluation phases, criteria, scoring methods, etc.

  • Painless participant management

    Easily add internal users as evaluators or observers. Manage participants and progress from simple quotes to 300+ person decisions.

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Better data = better suppliers

Sorting the wheat from the chaff isn’t about collecting more data. It’s about collecting and evaluating the right data.

  • Tight control over exact structure of supplier data

    Collect the *exact* documents, data fields, Excel files, and other data you need. Incorporate the right data from the start of your decision process.

  • Seamless automation of Excel files

    Instantly extract and score qualitative and quantitative/pricing data from Excel with industry-best auto-scoring and optimization analysis.

  • Smarter use of supplier data

    Segment and manage supplier data during the decision-making process, ensuring that internal participants focus on what they need to.

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Great outcomes start with deeper evaluations

Weave strategic objectives and considerations right into your supplier evaluation, ensuring true 360° outcomes.

  • Include all specs, qualitative factors, and pricing

    Balance technical requirements, strategic objectives, and pricing/cost in blended scorecards. Then run the process across multiple phases of evaluation.

  • Leverage your internal experts

    Incorporate internal stakeholders and expertise into the scoring process. Identify areas of consensus and disagreement, and use that to zero in on the things that matter.

  • Flexible and powerful

    Unlike simpler bidding tools, Bonfire is used on the entire spectrum of RFx decisions - from $10k printing service quotes up to $350-million IT projects (that’s not a typo). It can handle anything you throw at it.

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Sourcing Enablement refers to next-gen sourcing software that leverages deeper collaboration, deeper data, and deeper automation to make more strategic sourcing decisions. Read our whitepaper here

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Price & negotiation powertools

Gain an unfair advantage through instant quantification and what-if features - no Excel required.

  • Bonfire BidTables - the best cost-comparison tool ever made

    Instant side-by-side analysis and optimization across an unlimited number of line items. Edit supplier data, filter, run optimization / what-if scenarios, and mix-and-match baskets. Gain major leverage for negotiations.

  • Bonfire eAuction - simpler, more powerful reverse auctions

    Run reverse auctions online with the click of a button. Simple enough for daily use (and even the most low-tech suppliers can participate without training).

  • Bridging the gap between price and non-price factors [New]

    Incorporate cost and auction results into blended scorecards to see how price and non-price factors combine. Make true 360° balanced decisions.

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Continual improvement & coaching

Gain insight into how your team is performing with deep reporting and benchmarking.

  • Quantify your team’s effort & impact [New]

    Track your team’s work output, impact, and savings, down to a buyer, project, and department level. Gain visibility into effort/time vs. return.

  • Proactively manage team performance

    Identify which project types / departments / buyers are performing well or poorly against your own pre-defined benchmarks. See how your team’s performance is changing over time.

  • Compare yourself against similar sourcing teams [Coming soon]

    See how your team performs compared to similar organizations for cycle times, savings %, and effort/impact.


Hardened, scalable, ready

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Central User Control

It’s easy to manage users and their roles and permissions right down to the dept. and project level.

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Bank-Grade Encryption

Bonfire secures your data with bank-grade encryption both in transmission and at-rest.

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Your users can use the same login details (email and password) as they use for your other systems.

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Communication Layer

Interact with vendors, do Q&A sessions, send reminders, discuss projects, and more.

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Vendor Management

Register and manage your vendors, including data, documents, and compliance - and organize them into lists.

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Contract Management

Stay on top of the resulting contracts - capture details, schedule reminds, and store documents.

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Integrate the power of Bonfire sourcing into the other systems in your toolchain.

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