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Effortless RFPs & bids

Go beyond the basics of older bidding tools and reap the rewards: air-tight compliance, powerful evaluations, and immediate uptick in your clients’ happiness.

  • Fully online end-to-end
  • Eliminate paper and Excel
  • World's best eEvaluations
  • Perfect audit-proof compliance
  • Immediate client satisfaction
  • Faster scoring & consensus
Seeing is believing:
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Beyond the basics

Manage your entire process without paper or Excel, including the tough parts like evaluation, scoring, and audits.

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    Solicit Suppliers
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    Receive Bids & Docs
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    Evaluate & Score
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    Decide Winner(s)
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    Publicly Award
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    Manage Contract

Bonfire also includes Vendor Management, Vendor Notices & Q&A, Multi-Category abilities, public-sector friendly eAuction, reporting, and more.

‘Truly end-to-end’ means that even the most complex multi-award multi-phase RFPs could be fully automated online from start to finish - no offline evaluation, no paper, and no Excel.

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A modern public bidding portal

Sorting the wheat from the chaff isn’t about collecting more data. It’s about collecting and evaluating the right data.

  • Public, private, and invite-only projects

    Easy control of which projects are public and automatically matched to your suppliers and which ones are private (e.g. for pre-qualified vendor lists or below formal bidding limits).

  • Industry’s simplest online registration & submission process

    The average submission time for first-time bidders in Bonfire is only eight minutes. It's no wonder that 90% of suppliers recommend Bonfire for online submissions compared to paper and older bidding portals.

  • Complete control over submission materials & compliance

    Strict control over supplier data/files submission means an immediate boost in compliance. Don't suffer through incomplete submissions ever again.

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World’s best eEvaluation

Weave non-price factors right into your supplier evaluation, ensuring truly defensible and justified decisions.

  • Fully customizable multi-phase evaluation processes

    Balance technical requirements, strategic objectives, and pricing/cost in blended scorecards. Then run the process across multiple phases of evaluation.

  • Track progress, consensus, and potential issues

    Incorporate internal stakeholders and expertise into the scoring process. Identify areas of consensus and use that to zero in on the disagreements that could spell trouble.

  • Flexible and powerful

    Unlike simpler bidding tools, Bonfire is used on the entire spectrum of RFx decisions - from $10k printing service quotes up to $350-million IT projects (that’s not a typo). It can handle anything you throw at it.

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Sourcing Enablement refers to next-gen sourcing software that leverages deeper collaboration, deeper data, and deeper automation to make more strategic sourcing decisions. Read our whitepaper here

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“Magical” scoring tools

Sorting the wheat from the chaff isn’t about collecting more data. It’s about collecting and evaluating the right data.

  • Evaluators can jump right in and record scores & comments

    Collect the *exact* documents, data fields, Excel files, and other data you need. Incorporate the right data from the start of your decision process.

  • Seamless automation of Excel files

    Instantly extract and score qualitative and quantitative/pricing data from Excel with industry-best auto-scoring and optimization analysis.

  • Segment the evaluation into stages

    Segment and manage supplier data during the decision-making process, ensuring that internal participants focus on what they need to.

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Air-tight controls & audit trails

Improve compliance overnight with better control and visibility

  • All the best-practices that define public sector

    Strict control of submission requirements, due dates, blocking data access before close dates, siloed evaluation committees, and more.

  • Gain complete end-to-end records of each decision

    From start to finish, track how the project was executed, who was involved, and the specifics of why the decision was made. Double-check your buyers' projects to ensure best practices are followed.

  • Gain visibility into your team’s performance

    Identify which project types / departments / buyers are performing well or poorly against your own pre-defined benchmarks.


Hardened, scalable, ready

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Central User Control

It’s easy to manage users and their roles and permissions right down to the dept. and project level.

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Bank-Grade Encryption

Bonfire secures your data with bank-grade encryption both in transmission and at-rest.

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Your users can use the same login details (email and password) as they use for your other systems.

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Communication Layer

Interact with vendors, do Q&A sessions, send reminders, discuss projects, and more.

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Vendor Management

Register and manage your vendors, including data, documents, and compliance - and organize them into lists.

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Contract Management

Stay on top of the resulting contracts - capture details, schedule reminds, and store documents.

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Integrate the power of Bonfire sourcing into the other systems in your toolchain.

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